In this project, the starting point of our reflexion was to identify a growing process. In this approach, we tried to identify phenomena, which were not only linear growing processes: thus we focused more specifically our searches on aggregation phenomena, as the Diffusion Limited Aggregation.

Thereby, while conceptualizing on Digital Project, we chose to concentrate on the study of regular polyhedrons, and more particularly on icosahedrons and tetrahedrons. By considering an hexagon of side length x on which are “fixed” six tetrahedrons of the same side length, we obtain two rings, changing according to two parameters: the first tetrahedrons ring position on the hexagon, guided by a “cursor” point, and the second tetrahedrons ring position in relation to the first one, defined by an angle α.

By analyzing the potential of the forms we found, we tested their compatibility, their associativity, and their inner capacities to transform themselves thanks to the parametric rules we defined earlier. Then, we explored their adaptability by assembling them in a multidirectional and progressive construction: a wall alternating plane and curved portions.

In a final phase, our project also consists in designing assembling details in view of their constructions, and this depending on the materials used (timber, metal, cardboard with various thicknesses).